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Beauté Noire

This piece was created for an ARTD 351 Graphic Design Inquiry assignment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In this assignment, I had to choose a product of my liking and create a company. Since I am interested in branding, I already had this brand in mind to start outside of the classroom. Therefore, Beauté Noire is a brand created to encourage people of color, especially those in the black community. One of the requirements of the project was to develop a b-corporation; therefore, my social good is aimed at bringing awareness to mental health and the lack of affordable resources for health care concerning mental health within the black community. My solution to this problem is to donate 20% of the profits to families who need financial assistance to provide quality health care for a member who deals with mental health.

Style Guide

The Beauté Noire style guide that is shown above is aimed to represent luxury, warmth, and cleanliness. Warmth is represented through the shades of brown in the wardrobe and the packaging. Luxury is conveyed through the experience and the simplicity of the logo; thus, I also chose Beauté Noire, meaning black beauty in French, to help the consumer feel the luxury of feeling like they are on vacation. Lastly, cleanliness is represented through the simplicity of the logo and the typefaces used to represent the brand. 

Process work

As I continue my design journey I begin projects with three or more words to describe what I want to accomplish. For his project my three works are luxury, clean, and warm. The following are sketches of how I settled on my logo.

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