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TICG Internship

These pieces were part of a Total Image Consulting Group internship in 2019- 2022. In 2022 I was responsible for their social media presence. After I joined the team, I added the color palette, including light green,  pastel pink, and tan, to give the page more variety and personality. Each month I would be given an outline of what the CEO wanted posted on the social media page for the next month, which included quotes, advertisements, customer engagement, and acknowledgment of holidays. Through this project, I got the opportunity to work with Canva due to the request of the CEO. Through this, I found a way to create and expand their brand voice to be more interactive and informative about their brand and business.

Process Work

For this internship I added a color pallet including the color blue that the CEO did not want to let go. Therefore, I found a way to add to the color while still allowing it to shine. I also added more interactive posts for her page.

Mini Project

I have also done other mini projects for the company, including creating relatable characters representing the service's clientele, women of color. Therefore, I made three characters, the first being the CEO and the other two being fictional characters. The CEO wanted these characters to be able to be used as possible mascots for upcoming projects.

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