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H.E.R x Billie Eilish

This piece was an ARTD 222 Typographic Practice assignment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In this assignment, I was instructed to create a poster, ticket, and Instagram post advertising a fictional concert I would go to. I chose singers Billie Eilish and H.E.R., and through this project, I wanted to compliment their aesthetic at the time, so I wanted to recreate a Hollywood-lighted mirror or a marquee. I wanted a dark background to represent going to a movie at night; meanwhile, in contrast, I used a yellow and white color transition so it would also mean the lights of the mirror/marquee. 

Process Work

For this project we were instructed to create a Pinterest board for inspiration. Therefore, I looked at other R&B artists that I liked in the industry and saw what their posters and tickets looked like. Feel free to click the images and make them bigger.


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